How to install Android Apps Offline from Google Playstore

This is my first post in Android. Hope this is informative to you all.

All of us know that Playstore is integral for Android, without which an android phone is nothing less than a a PC without internet. And to use Playstore, it’s of significant importance to have a 3g/4g-data or wi-fi connection to download your favorite apps onto to your Android device as and when you would want it. How often would you have thought if you didn’t had to use Playstore every time to download Apps – and if there was an option to install from something like executable (.exe files) that windows has? How good would it be to install offline android apps on the go?

Apk Downloader has made this possible now. You can download Apps as offline executable versions (.apk files in the case of Android devices) – so that you could install and run them at your end without having to depend on an always on internet connection. To check piracy, Apk Downloader does not allow you to download of Apks of Paid Apps – if you really want to  download them, then use their extension (applicable if you had purchased the app in the first place).


Apk Downloader provides you two different online versions, one as a website which does not need your login and the other one using their chrome extension

How to use Apk Downloader – website version

  1. Go to Google PlayStore
  2. Search for your favorite app and copy either the Google Play URL or Package name for the same.

    For instance: The Google Play URL for WordPress App would be: and the WordPress Package name would be:

  3. Now input the URL or Package name on Apk Downloader website and click Generate download link, you will be presented with a screen similar to below from where you can download the app to your PC:download-offline-android-apps-from-playstore

In this method, you might frequently encounter ‘Out of Quota’ errors on Apk downloader site – due to bandwidth issue, i suppose. So, to avoid that you can go ahead and install their chrome extension – the process on how to is detailed below.

How to download offline apps using Apk Download Extension

  1. Install the chrome extension of Apk Downloader. If you encounter problems installing the chrome extension, click here
  2. Once you have installed the extension, go ahead and enter your Google Playstore credentials, android device id and and sign in.APK Downloader Google Chrome Extension
  3. To get the device id: Open the dial pad, call *#*#8255#*#* ( 8255=TALK ). If it opens “GTalk Service Monitor”, find lines that begin with JID and Device ID . Your email is JID, and your device id is a string that after android- prefix
  4. Now repeat exactly repeat Steps 1-3 from the  ‘How to use Apk Downloader – website version’ detailed above and download the offline version of the app installation file to your PC.

The good thing in this method is, you would NOT encounter quota error messages as the downloads are directly linked from your Google Playstore account

If you have a smartphone that is low on RAM, having an offline version of an android app can work wonders. This holds good especially if you have apps that are sparingly used but still eat up memory at startup/sitting idle in processes. You also have a dump of apks sitting on your SD card, so that you can install them at your will.

Do you know any other apps that speeds up your smartphone and makes it to work more efficiently? Let me know in comments.

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    • Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, Boddhayan!

      You can always sign-out from the ApkDownloader’s Chrome extension, in case you are not comfortable remaining signed in.

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